york county vision testingVision Training is the process that restores or normalizes various aspects of ocular and perceptual functioning. Just as our body's muscles can be developed, visual capabilities can be improved. This first involves a comprehensive evaluation to determine which functions need improvement. Next a program that is individually tailored to the capabilities of the patient is implemented. This would involve in-office treatment, evaluation and training as well as home exercises.

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Vision is critical because it directs action and helps us derive meaning from our surroundings. Learning about our world and interacting with our environment is heavily dependent on how we see. Vision is the only sense we have that requires muscle control. Some people are more physically coordinated than others. So it is with our vision. Either through lack of proper development, lack of maturation or through loss by injury, disease or aging, some people lack adequate visual skills. Behavioral optometric care deals with the complexities of retraining these processes.

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To have an efficient oculomotor system, five "F" functions are critical. The eyes need an adequate peripheral Field of view to detect an object, then to Fixate on that object, Focus it, Fuse both eyes' images together and do it in a Fluid manner. Additionally, the brain has to interpret what is seen and coordinate that information with other sensory input. Form Perception, Processing Speed, Visual Memory, Visualization, and Visual Motor Integration are some of the important cognitive functions that we depend on to see.

Vision and development are interdependent. Vision guides a child's development and the development of a person helps train or mature vision; a learned function. More than one in five have a significant visual problem that affects how they function and impacts their quality of life. It is very important to detect and address these problems early. Best results come with detection in the preschool years.

Most of learning comes through the eyes and we need to make sure our children have the skills needed to succeed. This often will manifest with ADHD type symptoms and academic performance that is below intellectual abilities. Over 70% of the learning disabled, and a similar percentage of juvenile delinquents, have problems with their vision. Remedying visual defects has shown to be effective in ameliorating some of the failures and improving success and improving the quality of life. In one remedial school, SOL pass rate when from 41% to 100%, stimulant use (Ritalin) went down 96% and reported discipline problems dropped from 753 to 10 in a year.

All children should have a comprehensive eye exam looking at these aspects of vision before they enter school. Screenings by pediatricians and school nurses are not detailed enough. It is now law in some places and Virginia is considering such legislation. If passed, it would improve the classroom environments for the other students. School systems would save money they would have spent on remedial education. And of course, it would spare children unnecessary hardship and failure allowing a higher potential to be fully capable and productive members of society as adults. Check these links for more info.

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