peninsula eye doctor The health of your eyes and a lifetime of good vision take more than a rushed check for glasses. Your eye exam consists of various tests to evaluate the health of your eyes and determine the prescription lenses needed for the best possible sight. Our goal is to give you clear, comfortable and efficient vision. We assess the optical and functional status of your eyes. We also ask about your medical history and use several instruments to evaluate the health of your eyes. Dr. Guhl routinely tests for cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal problems. Diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes and others can be detected in the eye.

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poquoson eye doctorContact lenses are available in many types of prescriptions for immediate fitting. There are designs that correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, as well as tints and disposables. There are bifocals and pediatric lenses. We have lenses for Kids to Coots! Dr. Guhl will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for contact lenses. We provide complete professional care from your initial examination, fitting, instruction and the ongoing care after dispensing - all at lens prices that are competitive to mail order.

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newport news eye doctorOur total eye care service includes a complete selection of high quality eyewear, competitively priced to meet your needs. Our professional staff is trained to help you select the frame and type of lenses that will make you look good and see well. To ensure your satisfaction, the doctor himself will personally consult with the staff. He will advise them of your requirements so you have glasses that you will enjoy wearing and seeing with and be proud of being seen in.

behavioral vision therapy optometrists in virginia


hampton eye doctorWe provide vision care for many HMO's, vision plans and insurance companies. We accept assignment on some these plans and will help process the forms for you. Insurances often cover various eye care services. Our staff will help you with these forms if you are to get reimbursed. With any of the insurances, you are ultimately responsible for the fee incurred, so please know what is covered prior to your visit. Before your appointment, get authorizations and bring any information, forms, or cards with you. Payment is expected at the time of service. Your payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card. Please give us least 24 hours advance notice of any cancellations to avoid charges and allow time to call others who might be waiting.

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Good visual skills are necessary for efficient information processing. When processing visual information is difficult, one may "try harder," straining without even knowing it because the effort is subconscious. If the visual system is inefficient, every task can seem difficult, using more energy than required. Here are some terms that can educate the patient about their own vision.

  • Tracking - the ability of the eyes to move smoothly across a printed page or while following a moving object.
  • Fixation - quickly and accurately locating and inspecting a series of stationary objects, such as words while reading.
  • Focus Change - looking quickly from far to near and back without a blur.
  • Depth Perception - judging relative distances of objects-how far or near they are.
  • Peripheral Vision - monitoring and interpreting what is happening in the surrounding field of vision.
  • Binocularity - using both eyes together as a team-smoothly, equally and accurately.
  • Maintaining Attention - keeping focused on a particular activity while interference, such as noise, is present.
  • Visualization - accurately picturing images in the "mind's eye," retaining and storing them for future recall.
  • Distance Acuity - clearly seeing, inspecting, identifying and understanding objects viewed at a distance.
  • Vision Perception - understanding what is seen.
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