newport news cataract treatment The eye is an incredibly complex organ. It has many components; neurological, vascular, muscular, mucous membrane and connective tissues. It is susceptible to various diseases of the eye and also is impacted by systemic problems. During the eye examinations, many of the tests performed are screening tests to determine if there is an eye disease. Cataracts are formed when the focusing lens of the eye becomes less transparent and diminishes vision. When advanced, surgery is often required. Glaucoma causes a loss of peripheral vision caused by an increase in intraocular pressure, progressing to blindness unless treated. Most of the time there are no symptoms. Medical treatment is usually effective in halting any progressive vision loss. Dry Eyes are a common problem that makes the eyes irritated, sandy, burning or watery. There are effective treatments that improve comfort and safety. Pink eye or conjunctivitis is an infection of the mucous membrane covering the white of the eyes and lids. We can provide treatment for these conditions.

Routine eye examinations are important. While some eye problems can be noticed, others can not be self-monitored and are not diagnosed until hampton glaucoma treatmentmuch damage is done. Timely detection and treatment are important to maintain vision and comfort throughout one's lifetime. A recent study demonstrated that one in six had a problem that they were not aware of.

Dr. Guhl has been licensed by the Board of Optometry, Medicine, Pharmacy and the DEA to treat eye disease and injury. We have cutting edge technology to evaluate you for disease. For example, our Topographer identifies corneal problems. The FDT and HFAII detect loss of peripheral vision and brain problems. Retinal photography follows internal eye disease status. The office has coverage 24/7 in case of injury or emergency conditions.

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