When vision is sub-normal or reduced it is referred to as Low Vision. This can refer to a loss of central visual acuity, which is the well known 20/20 reference. It can refer to loss of peripheral vision, Sometimes glare or other problems can interfere with vision. Diseases, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetes, Injuries, or Developmental issues can be the cause of low vision. When surgery or other treatments are not viable solutions a permanent impairment may result.

peninsula low vision therapyRestoring function is the goal of Low Vision services. Using various techniques and devices, the gap between capabilities and tasks is reduced. Specialized magnifiers, telescopic devices, glare control lenses, closed circuit televisions and computers as well as other adaptive aids are prescribed.

This rehabilitation provides the potential for improved work prospects, school mainstreaming and improved activities of daily living, including driving. Improved comfort and independence are frequent outcomes.

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