Lasik Eye Surgery

virginia lasik eye surgeryLasik Refractive Eye Surgery has become well known over the past few years. Advances in technology and techniques have made this more predictable and safer. Laser Assisted Surgical InSitu Keratomelusis involves removing a flap of cornea and modifying the shape of the underlying tissue which alters the prescription. There are other procedures such as Lasek, PRK, RK, ALK. Sunset uses a laser and is similar to Conductive Keratoplasty (CK), which uses a radio/high frequency probe, to induce a change in the shape of the cornea through scarring in the periphery. These refractive changes are not considered to be permanent. Wavefront Technology is another advancement that allows additional customization when applying the laser. This allows the potential for crisper vision.

The Laser Optic Center has certified Dr. Guhl in refractive surgery management. From his initial consultation and pre-operative evaluation to post operative follow up, he will manage your laser vision correction care. There are several competent surgeons that we work together with depending on your requirements.